Welcome to Madras Kali Bari

Maa Kali

All our initiatives are driven by contribution made by devotees in many forms. We have devotees contributing directly for the food and provisions which are used to take the "Annadan" initiative forward. Devotees come forward and volunteer to help in the development of the infrastructure. Yearly souvenir editions are released where the sponsors are featured. This souvenir also has literary works in Bengali, English and Tamil published, which are authored by devotees.

We endorse the organizations that sponsor us during the Durga Puja by having their presence highlighted in forms of banners, leaflets or video slots on the video displays in the premises, that provides them considerable attention from the community. We look forward to your generous contributions, in any form, say by booking advertisement in this souvenir, or donating towards the cause, or even lending a helping hand. Any contribution you make will help us immensely in raising funds to carry out various social activities at Madras Kali Bari.

We sincerely hope that your esteemed organization or you even as an individual, will render similar support and generous help in any form possible, i.e., by donating money, materials, provisions or sponsorship etc. With the contributions made by the devotees, we have been able to achieve a lot, and with the same, we hope, we will move forward step by step towards our vision.

Let us all come together and join hands to make a difference that can change the world and put a smile on every soul we touch.

May Maa Kali shower her blessings and give each one of us a happy and healthy life, and make us worthy enough to make others’ life better and help them.