About Temple

Welcome to Madras Kali Bari

Since its inaguration by Swami Lokeshwaranand Maharaj, President of Ramakrishna Mission, Belurmath on 3 Feb 1981, Madras Kali Bari has not just been the spiritual center of the community but also had the community come together to serve the very purpose of humanity. Apart from performing puja, we, the devotees at Madras Kali Bari also believe that service to mankind is service to God. This belief has set us on a path that has got us started in activities that involve social service, education, cultural growth and literacy.

We believe in making each one of us socially able, strong and independent, especially women. Tailoring classes are conducted free of cost for women, which aids them to pursue a career that can provide a life of dignity and self reliance.

In times of calamities, relief operations are organized by the devotees. Madras Kali Bari also maintains and patrons a free medical health center. Regular eye check-up camps are organised on a monthly basis. As the next step to this, we are working over a plan to start a Charitable Medical Diagnostic Center for the needy. For this initiative to take shape we will need all the support from like minded people for provisioning medical diagnostic equipments, enhancement of infrastructural facilities and funds for expenses for the doctors, lab technicians, management and maintenance of medical records and more.


Madras Kali Bari offers Dharmasala(Guest House) facility. This facility helps the needy patients who travel to Chennai for medical treatment as well as to the devotees who come for darshan. We also have a free public library open for all. A variety of events are organized here which include Spiritual Discourses, marriages, Upanayanam, Namakaran Ceremonies, etc.

Madras kali bari also organises "Golu" during Navarathri celebrations. A big exhibit is put on display by the devotees to celebrate this occassion. Every year the theme of the "Golu" event undergoes a creative change proposed by the devotees. The young and old participate equally to bring out the creative side of the community. The concept of changing themes every year brings a refreshed feel of participation and contribution which reflects in the enthusiasm of the devotees.

“Annadan” or free food is served for all the devotees visiting the temple on special puja days like Amavasya, Kali Puja, Durga Puja and many others. Round the year, we serve food for almost 25000-30000 devotees, where we see maximum devotees during the festive season.

Our successful initiatives have been a result of the blessings of our holy mother Maa Kali and the selfless and self motivated devotees. We welcome people who share the same compassion to life to come forward and take part in the initiatives and steer them to their envisioned goals.

All our initiatives are driven by contribution made by devotees in many forms. We have devotees contributing directly for the food and provisions which are used to take the "Annadan" initiative forward. Devotees come forward and volunteer to help in the development of the infrastructure. Yearly souvenir editions are released where the sponsors are featured. This souvenir also has literary works in Bengali, English and Tamil published, which are authored by devotees.

We endorse the organizations that sponsor us during the Durga Puja by having their presence highlighted in forms of banners, leaflets or video slots on the video displays in the premises, that provides them considerable attention from the community. We look forward to your generous contributions, in any form, say by booking advertisement in this souvenir, or donating towards the cause, or even lending a helping hand. Any contribution you make will help us immensely in raising funds to carry out various social activities at Madras Kali Bari.

We sincerely hope that your esteemed organization or you even as an individual, will render similar support and generous help in any form possible, i.e., by donating money, materials, provisions or sponsorship etc. With the contributions made by the devotees, we have been able to achieve a lot, and with the same, we hope, we will move forward step by step towards our vision.

Let us all come together and join hands to make a difference that can change the world and put a smile on every soul we touch.

May Maa Kali shower her blessings and give each one of us a happy and healthy life, and make us worthy enough to make others’ life better and help them.